No buying new equipment every year, cleaning or storage after the season. Order online and pick up in store or get it delivered. The package includes one pair of kids skis, ski boots and poles. 【Limited to 100 sets!!】
◆Rental Price ¥15,000
◆Delivery Fee ¥3,000 (Does not apply to in-store pickups)
◆Pickup Location SPICY Echoland (
◆Rental Period December 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022
Details & Online Order


Early Bird Offer for 2021-22 Winter

Book online by October 31 and receive 30% discount on your rentals. Don't miss this great deal if you're planning skiing/snowboarding in Hakuba!

Book here:


We Support Joint Declaration of Fight Against COVID-19

We support the joint declaration of fight against the Delta-variant of COVID-19 issued by Nagano pref.

LINK: Nagano Prefecture Official Website

We will keep our effort to protect the safety of our customers and employees.


The Giant MuraoⅢ on Iwatake

Our giant inflatable Murao (Victoire Cheval Blanc Murao Ⅲ) will be lying on the top area of Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort starting this weekend.

Murao Inflatable

Come play inside his body, or get some photos for your SNS!
*Canceled in case of rain and/or strong wind.


Landslide 6 July 2021 / Disaster Info & Detour Route

From Wednesday 14th July the road has been partially opened (one-way) and from 21:00 ~ 6:00 the following days route 19 will be closed again to continue roadworks. 【July 15 2021】


Due to the landslide that occurred in Komatsubara, Nagano on Tuesday 6th of July, part of Route 19 has been closed to traffic. If you plan to visit Hakuba from Nagano City, please use the detoured route as illustrated on the map.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s disaster information has provided detour routes from Nagano City to Hakuba (for large vehicles and standard vehicles) there are two different routes designated depending on the size of the vehicle.
MAP& IMAGES(Japanese only)

From Nagano City by car

If you are driving from the Nagano Inter Change (IC) via the Kanetsu Expressway, you will need to use the diversion routes above. We recommend that you take the route “Kita-Alps Panorama Road – Route 148” from Azumino IC via Chuo Expressway.
※There is another route via Kinasa however at this moment the road has become suddenly busy, for first timers using this road, it is narrow and there are many tunnels. We do not recommend this route unless you are very familiar and have used it previously.

By public transport 
The “Express Bus Nagano – Hakuba Route” has been cancelled.
For information on express and limited express bus services, please click HERE (Japanese only)
▶ Take the express train “Azusa” from Shinjuku Station to Hakuba Station on the JR Oito Line.
▶ From Shinjuku, take the express bus “Shinjuku-Hakuba Line” to Hakuba Bus Terminal.


2021 Summer Bungee Trampoline Attraction

We have the following venues scheduled for bungee trampoline as of now.

◆Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort
【DATE】July 10, 11, 17, 18, and July 22 - August 29.

◆Expo ’70 Commemorative Park (Osaka)
【DATE】July 10 and 11

◆Hakuba Green Sports Forest
【DATE】July 22 - August 29
+ Inflatable bounce and paddle boats

【DATE】Julyl 22 - 25, 31, August 1, 7-15, 21, 22, 28 and 29
+ Inflatable bouncer and paddle boats

★SPICY's inflatable bouncers and sky trampolines are coated with KINO SHIELD: photocatalytic antibacterial and antiviral agent that is safe for human body.About our anti-viral coating service (Japanese)

★About our event rentals

★Bungee trampoline movie



SPICY IWATAKE is offering a 10% discount on bike check-up and repair (excluding parts) until the rainy season is over. Come get your bike checked and ready for the summer! (SPICY MTB ADVENTURE Website)


Closing Day of 2020-21 Winter Season

We are closed for 2020-21 winter as of May 5, 2021. A big thank you to all our guest and neighbors!
★SPICY IWATALE is open for bike hire.
★Camping and BBQ hire is available:
Hakbua is ready for the summer fun!


Try Now! BURTON Step On Boots & Bindings

No straps, quick lock and release. By just Step On, three locking points connect the boot to the binding and you're good to go. Pull the Release Lever up for release.
BURTON Step On Boots & Bindings are now available for rentals at SPICY HAPPO GONDOLA.

Half Day ¥2,500
1 Day ¥3,500

Sat, Sun & Holiday 8:00am ~5:00pm

How to access SPICY HAPPO GONDOLA from the ticket center:


SPRING DAYS AND HOURS / 2020-21 Season

Closed for 20-21 winter season.

Closed for 20-21 winter season.

The following locations are open until HAPPO-ONE SKI RESORT closes.

Sat, Sun & Holidays 8:00am - 5:00pm

Everyday 8:00am - 5:00pm