Announcement of the close of Goryu branch

Along with leasing termination, we will be closing Goryu branch in 2018-2019 season.
We appreciate your introduction of a large number of customers for a long time.

Ski and Snowboard will be available at Spicy Hakuba branch from next year. We do appreciate your understanding.

Spicy Hakuba brach
TEL +81-261-72-2858
HOURS 8am-17pm

We will continue to do our best to attract outdoor customers in Hakuba throughout the year.
Thank you for your continued support.


Opening Hours

Opening Hours is this from 15th Dec 2018.
 Goryu Shop   Time 8:00~17:00
 Hakuba Shop  Time 8:00~18:00
 Happo Shop   Time 8:00~18:00
 Wadano Shop  Time 8:00~18:00
 Tsugaike Shop Time 8:00~17:00 ※Not OPEN YET. TUGAIKE Ski Resort will Open. We will OPEN too.
   Iwatake Shop Time 8:00~17:00 ※Not OPEN YET. IWATAKE SNOW FIELD will Open. We will OPEN too.




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