FAQ よくあるご質問FAQ よくあるご質問

Q.What kind of ski does SPICY have? And how much?
A.Please, check “RENTAL” page.
Q.How do I rent the Ski/ Snowboard?
A.Please come to the reception counter. And tell us your information.
Q.Can I make a reservations?
A.Yes, Please click “RESERVE” page.
Q.Which credit cards do you accept?
A.We accept the following cards: VS / MS / AX / UC / DC / DN / Ginren
Q.Do you need a ID?
A.No, That’s not necessary.
Q.Can I change between ski /snowboards and skis?
A.Yes, but you are limited to one change out.
Q.What is your insurance policy on all equipment ?
A.We have an optional insurance policy of 500 yen/person a day which covers you for damage to your equipment to worth 30,000yen.
Any damages beyond this amount will incurred further charges.
equipment that is used negligently (eg Riding on roads ) will not be covered via insurance.
Q.Can I change the boots size after the rental?
A.Yes, If you want change, please come to shop.
Q.What time should the Ski/ Snowboard return?
A.If you rent half a day, you should return about 1 pm.
If you rent a day, you should return 5 pm.
Q.What kind of Boots/Jacket&Pants size do you have?
A.Ski Boots 16cm – 34cm
Snowboard Boots 18cm – 32cm
Jacket&Pants 80cm – 6L
Q.Where do I return the Ski/Snowboard?
A.I would like return basically in the shop which you borrowed.
However, the return is possible near to a shop when it is impossible.
Q.I have lost the tool which I borrowed.
A.Please, come to our shop, and you should pay the money.
Q.Can I make reservation the Ski/Snowboard?
A.Sorry, We regret to inform you that we are not accepting reservations.